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Importance of Convocation in Student’s Life

Importance of Convocation in Student’s Life

13 May 2019

Importance of Convocation in Student’s Life

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.
~ Kofi Annan

A convocation ceremony holds a very important place in every student’s heart. It is that day in the academic life of the students when all the hard work, dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm pay off. It is a proud day for a lot of parents because their not-so-little kids get their hard earned education degrees.

The Dream Come True

Getting dressed in traditional academic regalia with a convocation stole and walking up the stage for holding that prestigious convocation file is the dream of every student. In fact, it’s a dream for many parents too because they have supported then in their difficult endeavour. Being called on the stage on convocation day gives an extra boost to their confidence and self-esteem.

The Proud Parents

The convocation experience is equally thrilling for those parents whose children are getting graduated. Behind every student’s achievements lie the sheer hard work, inspiration, and encouragement they have received from their parents. Whether it’s helping you studies, or taking care of your health, or providing resources for you to study, parents never back off. You can never thank your parents enough to stand by you through thick and thin. So, on this day, they have all the rights to feel the happiness, thrill, and pride for your achievements.

The Ceremony Worth Everything

The convocation ceremony is not just about wearing regalia, convocation stoles, and holding these convocation files on your hands to get photographed. This day is known to be filled with symbolism and tradition; each student’s participation will define their place in history with other scholars and academics that have similarly assembled for centuries. It is the capstone of their entire educational experience. It is the like reaching the point of your life which denotes the arrival of maturity and responsibility. This is the moment which makes the heart go aflutter. Students dream of this ceremony all their college life because it’s the day when you reap the fruits from the tree you have been watering for years.

It’s time for the students to reconnect with faculty members who have helped them shape their life and made them who they are. It’s time when they say goodbye to their fellow classmates who have helped them study and make memories. It’s time for students to invite their family and friends to acknowledge their achievement. Of course convocation is important for every student because it’s an honour they don’t want to miss out on.