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Let Your Marks Never Affect Your Dreams

Let Your Marks Never Affect Your Dreams

23 May 2019

Let Your Marks Never Affect Your Dreams

Students today are going through alot – the peer pressure, cut-throat competition, and nearly perfect scores around 99.99%. This is too much to swallow. Yes, many students get able to score this percentage. Yet, there are many who do not. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable enough. This might just mean that they have been pursuing something they aren’t meant for.

For those who are not getting enough marks to stay in that silly competition, NEVER LET YOUR MARKS DEFINE YOU.

I think this applies same for the students who score good marks because it might be the fact that they are good at studies but they aspire to become something else.

So, it doesn’t matter how much you score as long as you never give up on your dreams.

Your Dreams Are All You’ve Got

Dreams are one of the most precious things in your life. They define you who you are and who you aspire to become. While they can give you a personal satisfaction, they can be a huge source of inspiration and motivation for those who have been feeling low. They can help you live the life on your own terms and give you a purpose to live. On the other hand, if you leave your dreams to follow what others have been doing, you’ll end up exhausted and living a life that you never wanted. It’s you who can create a life you want and chasing your dreams is the big part of the process.

What If You Do Not Score Good Marks?

We get it. You guys are always under the pressure. Everyone around you including your parents and teachers always pressurize you to perform better and work hard. Maybe you should. You should obviously give your best and obtain the best marks you can. But that doesn’t mean that your whole future depends on those marks. Obtaining good marks is good, but relying on them for your future isn’t something you should do. Even if you do not score good marks, you could always figure out what your passion is, get the skills for your passion, and set yourself to the beautiful journey of fulfilling your passion. If you think your parents wouldn’t understand, give them time, explain to them, and they will surely support you when they get you. Just stand strong on your grounds.

And The Remarkable Life Follows

Low marks can disappoint you, your parents, your teachers, or someone who expect more from you. This disappointment is obvious but it’s not forever. It will go away with time. So, you have to put you and your dreams above your marks and disappointment. When you do that and when you decide to work hard and step up for your dreams, you will end up creating a remarkable, inspirational, and beautiful life for yourself and the people around you. Therefore, never take a step back on something you love doing. Whatever you want to be, you will be. Only if you never give up on your dreams. So, make a choice today!